A Conversation Between Writers - Dieting

Seems like forever since we last swapped emails. The word "BUSY" is too tame for what my life is.
I've taken on a time-consuming chore of dieting. I didn't believe it was possible to lose as much as 1-2 lbs a week, but I started and I have now lost 13 lbs, in 10 days!
Any way, because I'm so experienced with what I can and cannot eat on the diet, it’s not too bad coming up with meals. I’m happy with the results so far. Just dreading that plateau.
Since I have any books coming out, I don't have promo stuff to worry so much about, so I quit a few group blogs. I didn’t have much to say and they didn’t get a lot of traffic.
Well I'm off to go get another couple hundred words written on one of my WIP.
What's new with you? ~ Brenda Williamson


I'm jealous - 13 pounds in 10 days! The weather took a turn for the worse. I’d like to start back walking. That will help me. I swear walking is like a magic bullet for me. When I walk, every day, and keep an eye on calories, I lose. I don't have any plans to go back to Weight Watchers any time soon. I no sooner got all the point values firmly in mind and they changed the program. Pi$$ed me off.

Busy has been my watchword, too. I’ve been working on my genealogy. The search has been fun, but I'm ready to step back for a bit. It gave me something good to switch on and off with writing, but I have to get my current WIP finished. I only worked on it in fits and spurts while I completed other stories. Time to get serious about it.

Saturday there is a “party” online. I'm going to pop in and out and post a few excerpts. Naturally, it's also the day I planned to take a trip to Baltimore and play around.

Time to get back to the wip. Great to hear from you. There's echoes in my office :) ~ KC Kendricks

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